The Art of War

The Art of War is the 17th song on Tim Truth’s debut album, We Never Burned Right

Such a beautiful eclipse
Sitting in a park reading art of war
Her face launched a hundred ships
I’ll never fall upon my sword
You are a chessman
In a world of go
I am a pressman
letting the people know
It’s about time that we embark
We’re running out of days
We’re at war with the oligarchs
They murder us a million ways

Mind control from the pentagon
I thought that I could shrug it off
But every time I turned their TVs on
They sure did shut me off
So shut off your TV
Can’t you see it’s a trap?
Tyrants on a crime spree
lithium & fluoride in the tap

Keep on searching for the truth/ Search far and wide
In time we’ll find that proof
they try so desperately to hide
It’s time to pull out all the stops
They’re grabbing at our guns
You can’t call up the cops
When the dreaded police state comes
Such a beautiful eclipse
Tyranny’s knocking at your door
Her face launched a hundred ships
Time to read the art of war